Arillas’ beach is the northernmost of western Corfu; it follows the magnificent cape Drástis and the beaches of northern Corfu, first being that of Agios Stéfanos.  

 It is located at a distance of 40km from Corfu town and the airport and is a very attractive resort for peaceful and calm holidays.  

Arillas is the favourite destination of families and all those who just love a quiet vacation with nature-oriented activities. The beach offers itself for safe swimming, given that the waters are very shallow and the beach is sandy. Opposite the beach, the uninhabited islet of Diáplous invites one to conquer it! You may go there by boat or swim for about an hour.

 Windsurfing, sailing and water skiing, alongside hiking and horseback riding or riding a bike are but a few of the activities available for visitors -apart from swimming. Nightlife is rather limited to a handful of tavernas, a few bars and a couple of clubs. You may rent a boat and visit the nearby inhabited or deserted islets (Graviá, Diáplous, Mathráki and for the more daring, Othoní).

 You may also visit the old port of Pórto. You shouldn’t forget to go as far as the picturesque little village of Afiónas and enjoy its enchanting sunset.