The island of Corfu was inhabited from the prehistorical years, causing that the remains of the ancient period are still obvious at the ancient Xersoupoli (Kanoni), but also scatteringly at the island.

During the period of Venice holding and Britain holding, the town of Corfu was modulated definitely at its today position. The buildings of that period are maintained until today at the centre of the town, in residentila cores and scattered at the land. Corfu contains more that 200 villages, from which 167 villages are existed from 1923, where 46 from these villages are characterized as traditional and 3 from Paxoi, according to the Decree Law 19.10.1978.

In fact, some of the villages that have not characterized as traditional or even exist from 1923, have saved until today a big or little core, or also they have saved sacs with buildings that belong to the local architecture tradition. The Regional Part of Corfu of Technical Chamber occupated with the project Registration of traditional buildings of Corfu. Every building of the villages have gathered its elements in recording cards. The villages that have been recorded are: Ano Korakiana, Afra, Varipatades, Gastouri, Doukades, Evropouloi, Potamos, Skripero and Triklino.

In each card are recorded the morphological elements of each building, the poverty rules, the use, and the situation of maintaining. They are also the map and the coordinates of the building, as also some photos. The foresaid project is placed at the Subclass 12 (Region of Ionian Islands), group 12.1 (collection, digitization and documentation)in the frame of the invitation 78 of the programme of Information Society and is concerning the gathering, registration, documentation and digitization of architecture, historical, and bibliographic elements of traditional buildings in Ionian Islands. The aim of the project is to view the special architectural characteristics of buildings at Ionian Islands, that are demonstrated so the beauty as the social, historical, political and civil connections with other places. The project is aimed to the exchange of knowledge and visitings of other places and to the vivification of tourism at the Ionian Islands. Also, it gives a good opportunity at the graduates of architecture colleges to be informed and at the students to know their place. At the same project are also included: 1)Suggestion of incorporation the "Old Town of Corfu" at the monuments'catalogue of global legacy 2)The architecture of Zakynthos: from the IST' until the IU' century.