Coastline and sea territory from Kanoni to Mesoggi

The coastline and sea territory from kanoni to mesoggi is parted from underwater landscapes covered with sea-plants/seaweeds (posidonies) and reefs, It is a part of the “Natura 2000” program, code number GR2230005 and it is in category SCI which means sight of community interest.

The territory belongs to the east side of corfu and it includes the seashores in between Kanoni and Mesoggi. In kanoni the water is shallow. The bottom and the rocks are psammitic while the substrate is sandy where the seaweed marine phanerogam cymodocea nodosa grows. At the bottom layer the underwater fields of posidonia oceanica begin from 1,5m depth at the south of mesoggi. In this particular area the substrate is both sandy and rocky with rocks of all sizes. The dominant seaweed is phanerophyceae and also in a large scale the group-weed cystoseiretum crinitae, we can also find the famous Mediterranean bottle-nosed dolphin tursiops truncatus.

The presence of the marine phanerogam posidonia oceanica is of a great ecological value. The posidonia oceanica communities are vital and the most important ecosystem in the Mediterranean sea since they produce large quantities of plankton. They are also vital for the fish for it is ideal place to lay the fish-eggs and also as residence for many species. Those underwater fields grow thicker towards Messogi. The coastal region and the sea territory are characterized by the large scale floral and vegetation variety.

The elements emanate from the HELLENIC MINISTRY FOR the ENVIRONMENT, PHYSICAL PLANNING & PUBLIC WORKS and have been published in the European Community news with copy number L259, vol.49, 21/9/06.