Bianco: from the Italian for white. A way of cooking fish with garlic, parsley, lemon juice, onions, and potatoes. In other words, white or without tomatoes.

Bourdeto: A Corfiot recipe for fish cooked with sauteed onion, a light tomato sauce and a powerful pinch of hot red pepper quenched with lemon juice. Especially recommended for scorpion fish, cod, skate, grouper, and smaller, firm fleshed fish.

Pastitsada: One of the island’s signature dishes, it’s made with cockerel or veal, and is often served on holidays or at official dinners. The meat or poultry is browned with spices, onions and garlic, deglazed with red wine, and then simmered with cinnamon, bay leaf, nutmeg, chopped fresh tomato, tomato paste and sugar, in which thick macaroni is cooked at the end. Eaten sprinkled with grated kefalotyri.

Pasta flora: A thick pastry, properly called pasta frolla, made of flour, butter, sugar, egg and water, topped with home-made jam and decorated with strips of pastry.

Polenta: A kind of porridge made from corn flour sometimes boiled with milk for breakfast and other times boiled with water and tomato sauce or raisins for lunch or dinner.

Savoro: A piquant sauce also found on other island, containing oil and vinegar, bay leaf, raisins, garlic and rosemary, which is poured over small fried fish and which acts as a preservative.

Sofrito: Another of Corfu’s most famous dishes, along with pastitsada, this consists of thin slices of veal which have been dipped in flour and fried lightly, and then layered with plentyed of finely chopped parsley and garlic, and simmered with oil and white wine vinegar. Served with fava or mashed potato.

Figadelia: A method of charcoal grilling pieces of liver (figa = liver in Venetian dialect) wrapped in caul with the usual seasonings (garlic, oregano, pepper, cinnamon).

Fogatsa: A kind of brioche of Venetian origin, no doubt related to the French fougasse or Italian focaccia.

Koum Kouat : The most famous local products are the exceptional oil, the Melin oranges and the "koum kouat". By the koum kouat is producting an exceptional liqueur, jam, spoon's sweet and "frouit glasse" covered with bitter chocolate. Tsitsimpira, is a drink and a product exclusive of Corfu (juice of lemon, natural lemon oil, rubbed tzintzer, grapes, water and sugar). Famous sweets of the island are the Mandoles (carameled almonds), the Sesame cake (honey with sesame, almonds or peanuts), and the Mandolato (almonds, sugar, vanilla, honey).