Ionian Academy building

 The building of the Ionian Academy is found at the junction of Acadimias and Kapodistriou street. Its main entrance is from Spianada, from the south-west part of Ano Platia. The Academy was built by the Venetians in a Γ shaped design, near the city entrance.

The Ionian Academy initially, had three faculties: philosophical, law and medicine. Later on it added the polytechnic, the obstetrical and the pharmacology faculty. In 1865 after the unification of Eptanisa with the “Kingdom of Greece” (Greek: Vasíleion tīs Elládos) the academy ceased operating under the law RI/1865. After being turned into barracks the Academy housed the Public Library.

Today the building serves the administrative services of the Ionian University, while the auditorium has been designed to perform audiovisual projections, lectures and speeches.