Kassiopi is a charming little village in the north-western side of the island of Corfu, approximately 30km from the city and the airport. It is located against a beautiful landscape composed by Mount Pantokratoras (height: 900m), the vast olive groves covering the surrounding hills and the rocky beach with the countless small bays and coves, covered in gravel and cobbles. It’s a historic and picturesque village at the entrance of the northern straits opposite the coast of Epirus, still reminiscent of its turbulent past.

It is its small port that provided a safe haven for ships sailing from the West to the East. This used to be the place visited by Roman Emperors’ ships. This is where Nero relaxed and sang his music creations before the famous temple of Cassios Zeus.

Only little remains from those times: the Venetians, deeming it very difficult to defend both the castle and the port, blasted parts of the castle and evacuated the hamlet. From that glorious past, few parts of the old castle have survived, while the famous ancient temple of Zeus has been replaced by an Orthodox Christian temple of Virgin Mary, containing an icon that is believed to be miraculous

The resort has to offer everything you need in terms of services, in order to make you feel pleasant and have an unforgettable holiday experience. Small boats (caïques) sail from the port for daily excursions to secluded beaches, islets but also the Albanian coast.

Don’t miss the chance to visit the mainland - especially the mountain hamlets among which you may find the uninhabited medieval settlement of Sinies.