Maitland Corfu

 The cistern beneath the peristyle Maitland built in 1781 upon Thoughtfully James Gradenigo and was the largest city with a capacity of about 2,000 cubic meters nerou.O round base has a diameter of 18,8m. and the ceiling circle 20m. a height of 7,3m. from the bottom.

In the center of this is a cylindrical well 3,30 m diameter which is connected to the perimeter wall of the bowl with eight radial walls that divide the structure into eight respective compartments. The apartments are connected by large arched openings, and with the central well by four much smaller also arched passages. The bottom of the cistern is covered by a thick layer of clay which ensures the tightness of the construction, while the roof is covered by a domed structures that bridge the openings between the compartments.

The perimeter and radial walls are made of rubble and the central well of bricks with strong binding mortar, and plastered from kourasani, lime, sand and crushed tile.