Philharmonic Society of Corfu

The Philharmonic Society of Corfu (Greek: Φιλαρμονική Εταιρεία Κερκύρας, Philarmoniki Etaireia Kerkyras) is today widely known as a community band in Corfu, Greece. However, when it was founded in 1840, its initial scope was to become the first Greek music academy organised on European prototypes. Its first Artistic Director was Nikolaos Halikiopoulos Mantzaros, who retained this office until his death in 1872. The Philharmonic (PSC) had a fully organised programme of tuition both in music theory and practice. Its students, who for the first time in modern Hellenic history could learn music regardless of their social class, had the opportunity to be taught by professional musicians and teachers basic music theory, harmony, counterpoint, instrumentation, composition, as well as piano, vocal music, string and wind instruments.

Source : wikipedia