The prefecture of Corfu

The prefecture of Corfu (Corfu, Paxi, Antipaxi, Othonoi, Ereikousa, Mathraki) is located on the northwestern verge of Greece and it covers an area of 638 s.kil. The population is around 111,975 inhabitants. The majority of inhabitants are Orthodox. There are Catholics, a small Jewish community and Anglican church. The patron saint is Saint Spyridon.

Corfu is characterized by a plural rural place that combines forest areas, along with delicate coasts.

Because of its anaglyph, Corfu disposes an abundant net flaw of outfall pluvial waters, with some of them to maintain water during the whole year. Headsprings, falls and lakes host a variety of aquatic organisms.

There are many places to visit and admire in Corfu. The visitors in corfu Island will not know what to visit first: the natural beauties of the island, the picturesque of the city and villages or the wide variety of the magnificent bays and beaches that gather thousands of tourists every year…

The eastern coasts offer a calm sea and a wide range of marine sports. Those who come to this side of the island may enjoy excursions on traditional fishing-boats to secluded bays or a romantic rowing-boat trip under the full moon.

On the other hand the western coasts offer vast sandy beaches and some fascinating bays, shaping among the rocky cliffs that actually come down to the sea.

But in Corfu there are much more to visit and sightsee. There are several museums and Byzantine churches, archaeological monuments and Venetian fortresses, impressive landscapes. Corfu is a superb inland that offers excellent views from the mountain of Pantokrator, from where you are able to scan the sea and see the islands of Erikousa, Othoni and Mathraki, the Albanian coast, Paxoi, Antipaxoi and – if the visibility is good – the coastline of Italy.

Moreover, Corfu is available for entertaining, as long as there are plenty of restaurants, bars and clubs to satisfy all the tastes! Whatever one may choose one thing is for sure: Anyone who visits the amazing island of Corfu will have a pleasant and creative stay!!!

Corfu is founding in the western end of the Greece and it is constituteing a high level international tourist destination, with a multitude of benefits which can satisfy also the most exacting visitor. It has great phycical, historical and cultural wealth. It has preserved its Greek origin, and it has enriched with western influences, by the result of developing a compositive culture. In the Prefecture of Corfu belong Corfu,Paxoi,Antipaxoi and the Diapontia islands.